How it all works

What Documents Do I Want?

If you are wondering which documents are right for you, you could start with our free business and personal WOF’s. Of course, it is not legal advice but that is the whole point, isn’t it? To Do It Yourself!

Purchase the Document

Select the document and read the details to check that you are on the right track. If you like what you see then pay for the document to start the DIY.

Create the Document

Answer the questions so the DIY builder can create your customised document based on your (truthful!) answers.

Receive The Document

Depending on the complexity of your document, it will either be sent straight to the email address you have provided or sent to us for checking. If it comes to us, then we will contact you and provide you with the finalised copy and in some cases even assistance with its signing.

Legal Documents for Sale

Personal WOF

You may go to your GP regularly but when was the last time you had a legal health check – we think its just as important!

Business WOF

We all want our businesses to be successful.. It pays to do a regular WOF to monitor how your business could be improved.

Immigration Assessment Guide

If you have any doubts on whether you will be eligible for your Visa or if you want to employ foreign workers then take this free assessment and let us give you an idea of how successful you might be.

Letter of Demand
$20.00 incl GST

Nothing is more frustrating than people who don't pay what they owe. Sending a letter of demand gives you an easy way to get your money back.

Confidentiality Agreement
$170.00 incl GST

Making sure your business secrets stay that way!

Terms of Trade
$170.00 incl GST

This Terms of Trade is most helpful for businesses providing a product or service in the building trade. It will assist to clarify your obligations to your Principal, and your own terms of payment, to avoid any nasty surprises and subsequent disputes.

Enduring Powers of Attorney - Property
$260.00 incl GST

Your EPA in relation to property authorises the attorney that you, the donor, have appointed to make decisions on your behalf about your property affairs, particularly when you cannot do so for yourself because you have become mentally incapable.

Enduring Powers of Attorney - Personal Care & Welfare
$260.00 incl GST

Your EPA in relation to personal care and welfare authorises the attorney that you (the donor) have appointed to make decisions on your behalf about your personal care and welfare if you become mentally incapable.

Contractors Agreement
$170.00 incl GST

We’ll ask you the right questions to build an Agreement for engaging independent contractors.

Parenting Agreement
$90.00 incl GST

Separated with children? This Parenting Agreement will help by laying the ground rules on how you will co-parent in the years to come.

Contracting Out Agreement
$550.00 incl GST

For when you need to know that your property will be protected if your domestic relationship ends.

Employment Agreement
$170.00 incl GST

Create your tailored Employment Agreement for Permanent Full time, Part time, Fixed Term and Casual Employees. We'll ask the right questions to build a document that fits your needs.

Relationship Property Agreement
$550.00 incl GST

By working through our tool, you can record important details such as how to split up your property and how to divide shared debt.

Website Privacy Policy
$90.00 incl GST

If you have a website, chances are you collect certain information about the people who access your site. Having a privacy policy on your website is a transparent way of letting people know what information you collect, what you use it for, and who they can talk to if they have any problems with what you’re doing!

Website Terms & Conditions
$90.00 incl GST

Terms and Conditions are a must for any website! Adding some perfectly worded Ts and Cs to your website helps prevent any misunderstanding with users of your website and can save you money in the long run.