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Commercial and Business - our tips for you

  • Many businesses need licences or can be operated only by people with particular qualifications. Other businesses or business locations require licences or approvals such as nursing homes, employment agencies, child care agencies, security guards and locksmiths, motor vehicle dealers, liquor sales, many types of food enterprises, and businesses which handle dangerous goods and firearms.

  • It is important to get advice on what type of business structure will suit you − whether you should trade on your own,  or form a partnership or company. Sometimes a partnership may seem a good idea but it has been said that a marriage is easier to get out of than a partnership - there is no easy divorce for partners.

  • There are extra rules for ‘restructuring’ situations that protect certain groups of employees. These groups include those who do cleaning, catering, laundry and caretaking; they are sometimes called ‘vulnerable workers’. The extra requirements set out a process to follow in situations where an employee's work will be taken over by a different employer. The rules give these workers the right to transfer over to the new employer on their existing terms and conditions of employment.

  • commercial lease is an important part of your business so negotiating a favourable lease places your business in the best position to succeed.

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