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Employment - our tips for you

  • Your employer cannot make deductions from your pay without your authority, and you can withdraw that authority in writing at any time.

  • The 90 day trial period must be agreed to in the employment agreement before the employee starts work, or the trial period is invalid

  • If an employer’s action or inaction makes the situation at work so intolerable for the employee that the employee resigns, it may be considered a constructive dismissal and subject to a personal grievance.

  • A contractor cannot raise a personal grievance – but it is sometimes hard to tell the real nature of the relationship and sometimes an employee can be wrongly classified as a contractor.

  • For an employer to enforce a restraint of trade there must be a specific restraint of trade clause in the employment agreement. Even if there is such a clause in the employment agreement, it may not be enforceable. It is very important for the conditions of the clause to be reasonable.

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