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Family Law - our tips for you

  • If you separate you can choose to attend a Parenting through Separation course – this is a free parenting information programme about how to help your children adapt to separation. You can attend a separate one from your ex-partner.

  • The starting point in making any parenting decision should be your children: what would be best for them?

  • If one parent proposes moving a child to another location without the other parent’s agreement, the other parent can seek an order from the court to restrict the removal of the child.

  • Regardless of who has the primary care of the children, both of you will have ongoing responsibility for their financial support. The Child Support Agency of the Inland Revenue Department administers a child support scheme. However, if the parent who has the day-to-day care is not on a welfare benefit, it is open to you to agree between yourselves how much the other parent will contribute towards the children’s support.

  • In an emergency, where there is a risk of harm, the police may issue a Safety Order, which enables a police officer to remove a violent person from the household. This is a temporary safeguard for up to five days.

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